A Few of Our Favorite Things

Here are a few pictures of some of our favorite things from Episode 1.  The whole family loves their rain coats.  When we were in the Emporium buying them the Barbershop Quartet was singing.  We took a few minutes and listened to them.  They were fantastic!  We really recommend taking a few minutes to stop and enjoy their beautiful voices.

The picture of Trent and Lady Tremaine is one of the favorites from our whole trip.  Lady Tremaine was suprisingly very gracious.  She became one of the favorite characters we interacted with.

Stitch was a fun character to meet.  He took time to play with the girls and they just loved that!  We also didn’t mind Baby Stitch joining our family that trip.  He is well loved by Sophia.

Stay tuned for our next episode.  We will be talking about our stay at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort.  Episodes will be release on Wednesday mornings.  Find us on our Facebook group, Disney DNA Podcast.  You can also email us at disneydnapodcast@icloud.com



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