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Jun 19, 2018


In this episode, Trent and Jeni give a spoiler free review of Pixar’s Incredibles 2! Join them as they give a unique perspective of the movie. They also discuss everything from their favorite characters to how many stars each one ranks it. Brooklyn and Sophia weren’t able to record but their opinions are also...

Jun 12, 2018


In this episode, Trent and Jeni are joined by special guest Lonnie Gaines.  Lonnie shares his most recent trip report to Disney World.  He was there with his family during Star Wars Galactic Nights.  He tells us all about the added meet and greets and the different shows they do.  He discusses the crowd levels and...

Jun 5, 2018


In this episode, Trent and Jeni discuss their top 5 park music from different attractions, shows, and just out and about walking around!  They also, earlier in the week, asked the listeners for their opinions and read them on the show. Let us know some of your favorites as you check us out on social media!  We...

May 29, 2018


In this episode, Trent and Jeni are joined by Ed Buskirk and the three of them discuss some Disney movies to jump start your summer! They also talk about if we could create a 5th gate at Walt Disney World, what would it be!

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May 22, 2018


In this episode, Trent and Jeni are joined by Rian and Stacey Lehman from TMR Productions. The four of them discuss some of the most recent Disney news. They also talk about some of their favorite rest spots all around Disney World properties, not just in the parks!  So if you are looking for the perfect spot...